Solar Electric

Capture Sunlight, Power Everything

Solar Electric

The sun provides plenty of natural energy, so why not start using it to your advantage? Casey Electric and Solar will install and maintain cost-effective Solar Electric Systems in your homes and businesses.

Save Money, Help The Planet

Solar energy is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional utilities; but did you know that a Solar Electric System could actually save you money on a continual basis? When your solar energy setup produces more electricity than you use per month, that electricity is sent back to the grid. When that happens, the power company credits you

Planet Friendly Products

At Casey Electric and Solar, our team is equipped to install quality solar electric systems for homes and businesses alike. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our planet-friendly products.

Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate for your residential or commercial space.

Change The Way You Receive Electric Power

Solar Roof Panels

Solar panels on your roof can change the way you receive electric power to your property. Casey Electric and Solar can help you determine what type of solar equipment you require to meet your ongoing electrical needs. We will help you gain control over the energy efficiency of your properties.

Solar is a clean, renewable energy alternative that taps directly into the sun's power, and we can make sure you get a complete setup for your property. We are Certified Solar Technicians and Licensed Electricians who help customers tap into the reliability of sun-powered energy. 

We can add solar to various kinds of structures, including:

  • Commercial Properties

  • Industrial Properties

  • Residential Properties

Contact us today to learn more about installing solar panels at your home or business. Before you pay another large electric bill, let us know you're considering a Solar Electrical System to replace your traditional power equipment.


Solar Distributor

The amount of energy from the sun that hits the earth is the greatest source of renewable energy available, and the solar distributors at Casey Electric and Solar are here to help you take advantage. With our quality solar products and solutions, you can save money on your energy bills while also protecting the environment.

Reliable Energy,
Excellent Service

We help residences and businesses achieve energy-related independence by offering quality solar distribution services. We can help your home or business become more environmentally friendly while allowing you to reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy. We pride ourselves on excellent service and our commitment to offering competitive rates.

Find out how your home or business can benefit from trusting Casey Electric and Solar as your solar distributor. Call us today to speak with a representative from our team.

Solar Panel Repair

You invested in solar panels to make your property more eco-friendly, lower your utility bills, and reduce your dependence on your local energy company to provide you with power. So if your solar setup needs repairs, the longer you wait to get help, the more you'll be missing out on the many advantages of solar energy. Casey Electric and Solar provides thorough, dependable solar panel repair services for homes and businesses.

At Your Service

We understand the importance of providing consistent and reliable service. When you call on us for solar panel repairs, we'll take the time to do the job right.

We value our customers, and we've worked hard to become a trusted name in the solar industry. For more information about our solar panel repair services or to receive a quote, call our team today.

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